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About Us   Vision & Mission        Methodology

Career Path Solutions Private Limited was started in 2003 with three broad objectives:
  1. To help graduates understand and measure their skills, capabilities, aptitude and attitude.
  2. To help them acquire additional skills much needed to secure a gainful job and build a career through a uniquely created participative training program.
  3. To guide them individually and collectively through a well thought out non-intrusive mentoring plan till they attain their career goals.

Training students to master the art of becoming employable, planning and building their careers, through the unique 3M method.

It is axiomatic that the best educational institutions offer more than just an education to their students. They offer a future to their students. Equally important, their students carry their name and this decides the course of their future. With the number of colleges spiraling day by day, it is imperative for an educational institution to differentiate itself from others if it has to maintain its preeminent position.
Career Path Solutions offers an answer to this very need, one that has far reaching benefits for both the institution and the student. For the institution it means optimum use of all its resources, enhancement of reputation and thus the ability to attract the best students and industry support. For students it means optimal clarity in career choices, methodologies to succeed and a solid foundation for professional life.

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