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Our Core Products  

The topics, mentioned below will be conducted as a typical 3-day workshop for a batch size of 60 students in your college campus. A certificate will be issued to each student. The student can contact us for fine-tuning the resume and any related career issue for a period of one year from the date of the training program (E-mail support). Aptitude test training can be devised as a separate module.

'Beyond Syllabi - 3 days program' - Proposed Training Schedule Time: 9.30 a.m.. to 4.30 p.m.

Topic Facilitator
Day 1: Pre-lunch  
1. Micro-lab Mr. K. Seetha Ram
2. Reality check Mr. K. Seetha Ram
3. Introduction to the workshop Mr. K. Seetha Ram
4. Psychometric - Attitude Inventory Mr. K. Seetha Ram
Day 1: Post-lunch  
5. Career Management Mr. V. C. Iyer
5. Communication Skills (Presentation skills, Dividing into groups and giving group tasks, presentations to be made on the third day) Mr. V. C. Iyer
6. Resume' Writing Mr. S. Vinay Wardhan
7. Administration of FIRO-B Mr. K. Seetha Ram
Day 2: Pre-lunch  
1. Games on Team Dynamics & Executive Qualities Mr. V. C. Iyer
2. Administration of Comn. Skills Inventory Mr. V. C. Iyer
3. Communication Skills Mr. V. C. Iyer
4. Tips on Group Discussions Mr. V. C. Iyer
Day 2: Post-lunch  
5. Executive Qualities (A video based Instruction) Mr. V. C. Iyer
6. Interview Management Mr. S. Vinay Wardhan
7. Group Discussions Mr. V. C. Iyer
Day 3: Pre-lunch  
1. Presentations by students Mr. V. C. Iyer
2. Simulated Interviews Mr. V. C. Iyer
Mr. S. Vinay Wardhan
Day 3: Post-lunch  
3. Group Dynamics
b) Analysis based on Attitude, Behaviour & Communication Pattern
Mr. K. Seetha Ram
4. Personality Profiling feedback Mr. K. Seetha Ram
5. Participant Feedback and summing up Mr. K. Seetha Ram


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