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Why Careerpath?  

An Introduction

  • 12 year young company focussing on Student employability training.
  • Team of Trainers with at least 5-35 years training expertise.
  • Trained over 12,500 students from 40 colleges.
  • Trained over 1000 Teachers in Faculty Development Programs.
  • 99% satisfaction amongst students, who attended our programs.

Programs offered:

  • A 3-days workshop on Career Preparation for Pre-final & Final year students,
  • A 2-days workshop on Career Orientation for 1st Year Students,
  • A minimum of 3-days Aptitude Test Training for Pre-final & Final year students,
  • A 3-days Faculty Development Program (FDP) for Teaching staff with less than 5 years exp. and
  • Comprehensive Communication Skills workshop for all students.

Program Delivery:

Through innovative Games, Powerful videos, funny anecdotes, experience sharing, full interaction and encouragement. Two trainers will be available, most times, during program.

Benefits for students:
  •  Identification & removal of fears (of stage, peers, language, new situations, personality etc)
  •  Transformation of participant through Attitude Correction
  • Unique methods (includes mental conditioning) to handle Group Discussions & Interviews
  • Marked improvement in communication skills through rise in self-confidence levels
  • If the student invests himself/herself, then getting a job will be an easy task

Program Methodology: An unique 3M methodology, devised by us;

  • Measure: To check the current levels of participants in Attitude/behaviour/communication skills through psychometric instruments and advise on corrective action to cover the gaps. Also, known as ‘Define, before you refine!’
  • Mentor: Ensure that all participants are put through the paces through experiential learning and corrective feedback given to overcome any weakness identified.
  • Monitor: All participants can continue to interact with us, thereby seek any personal clarifications or overcome any perceived hurdles in seeking a career.

Finally, we would like to say that we have designed, implemented this program, over 100 times, and we assure you it will be a “Life-changing experience”for all the participants.

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